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Android App: Dumpster, Freedom To Make Mistake

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Have you been in a situation before wherein you accidentally deleted the most important file in your phone? That is such a sad situation is it not? We made a mistake and there is no easy way to undo it. How we wish we had a recycle bin just like the one on our computer. Well, worry not, because this android app fulfills that wish. Dumpster is an Android app available to download for free on Google Playstore.

What does it do? It functions like a recycle bin that you can open, see its contents and decide whether you will restore them back to your phone in an instant or delete them. I thought I could never find anything like it but I am glad there is one helpful app waiting to be discovered.

Here are the steps to show you how simple it is to recover deleted files:

1. After launching the app, click on the dumpster icon on your dashboard. A drop down menu will show so you can sort what type of file you are looking for. Is it an image, audio, video , document, other files , folders and or app?

2. Click on the type of file you are searching for. Let us say it is a voice recording, click on “audio” the app will then filter the search using your selected criteria. Simply click on the file or files you want restored and they will be highlighted for you to decide upon.

3. You will be given three options:




4. In this example we are looking for a file deleted by accident so we want to select RESTORE.

5. Done.

You may now check your phone and look for that file you just restored and use it. A note on deleted apps, most of the time when I restore them I am having an error message that has something to do with difficulty in parsing the item. It is a free app nothing for me to complain about. The most important thing is at least I know the name of the app which is sitting on my dumpster I may not reinstall it but I have its name so it is now quick to search the Pplaystore and download it again. 


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