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Back to talking about home automation projects with my 8th post in the series. From door locks to clean floors, home automation projects can make your life easier. If you follow the steps I’ve outlined in particular starting with your home network and then automating, you will now be able to do some additional things that add value. The first is the addition of additional WIFI networks to better support the new automation devices.

  1. I run three distinct networks in my house. One is a hard wired ethernet. That is what I connect my computers, the home automation hub and other devices like Xboxes and home theater devices that do better on wired networks.
  2. I have two WIFI networks one for my weather stations and IoT devices that are not smart devices (ones that struggle with WEP and other WIFI security keys) and then my home production WIFI network with the rest of my home devices.

I have a security device on the open WIFI for IoT devices that are focused on two things, one new device joining (so I can block them) and two changes in the devices themselves. My home security system for the other main WIFI focuses on top talkers and of course the same concept of new devices. If I don’t recognize a device, it is blocked from my network. Until somebody comes to me and asks for help because they can’t connect (then I unblock their device) and “fix their device.”

The reality of tomorrow is the number of devices we carry. Today most people have between 1 and three devices (computer, tablet and cell phone). You may have a connected TV or other smart appliances. That number of devices is going to continue to increase every year. In fact, most people will be carrying or connected to 5 or more smart devices in less than five years. That means the network you have today (why is the video from XYZ buffering again) is going to get worse. Planning is the best way to avoid the toppling of your home network later.


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