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1921 Canadian Nickel

I was approached to do a commission more challenging than any other I had encountered before.

A neighbor of mine approached me and asked if I could carve a coin. This coin would be a gift for his father.

Both of them were avid coin collectors and one coin they could never obtain was the 1921 Canadian Nickel. It wasn’t the fact that they couldn’t find one to obtain, it’s the fact that this small nickel, which is the exact size of todays dime, went for an astronomical amount of money. The coin they had sought after was worth well over $10,000.The next best thing was to carve an exact replica (only much larger) as a gift for his dad!

I don’t know if any of you have tried to see the detail on a shiny dime but it’s enough to make you go blind. I collected about fifty pictures, each one showing different details and aspects of either side of the coin. I even carved the exact number of dots outlining the edge of the coin as well as the ridges that run along the outer edge. I was also lent a 1922 nickel (almost the exact coin except for the year) for size reference and model.

All in all I was happy with the result!

Final dimensions: 7″ diameter x 1/2″ thick

Medium: Beech wood

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What do you think?

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