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The Summer House


This imaginary house named Summer House, This house ceiling can be used as a swimming pool. In this house , you can swim in open sky, and view the ocean.



According to the admin of Anti-Realty, they have given the concept of ultimate use of the roof instead of the general usage. There are 3 rooms in this house with a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room. Anti-reality has not only given this one but also many creative designs.


One thing in these designs is common that these constructive buildings are made on the beach.

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  1. Wow! That is amazing. I have thought of all sorts of ideas, homes with gardens on top, never thought of a swimming pool.
    I saw on grand designs a house built on a river that floods on a regular basis so they put a moat under and around it, so when it floods the house rises with the water without being flooded.

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