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Mysterious Entries Into The Stonehenge Age

If you ever had the chance to visit Stonehenge you might appreciate this series more. I actually prefer the American replica to the crumbling British original site. Although the WWII war memorial addition of Stonehenge near Marysville Washington is not oriented to help tell the seasons, it is complete. While original site has many stones fallen and on the ground.

This was a very mysterious site that was used by the Druids and other cultures. At first it was assumed that it was a site for human sacrifice. But I believe archeologists have since found that its orientation was a calendar to help early cultures tell the seasons by its alignment with the heavens.

These multiple exposure images of many of the entry ways enhance it’s mystery for me.


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Written by Joel_Bowers


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  1. There is every possibility that the purpose of Stonehenge changed over the centuries, and it was not necessarily the same thing all the time. That is quite likely why it evolved over time, with the addition of new features.

    I used to live not far from the “real” Stonehenge – it is the setting as much as the stones themselves that gives the place its unique quality – and I mean “unique” in its original sense here!

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