Kristin Hannah: Fly Away

Fly Away is the second part of the Firefly Lane book by Kristin Hannah.

I can’t even say how many nice reviews I’ve heard about the author’s books. For some, it was sensitive and very close, for others it was a pain to read, for others it was a wonderful time with the book. So, these reviews have raised a lot of interest and expectations to discover something wonderful.

A novel about 2 families that were united by the friendship of two best friends. One of them had cancer and died leaving her husband, daughter and 2 sons. It is a story of the relationship between children and parents, the pain of bereavement, rebellion, fear of being, childhood pains, and forgiveness.⠀

I really liked the fact that the novel does not tell from one side of the character, but from each side separately. It allows you to create portraits and characters and understand the character, his behavior without condemnation and blame. I read and searched for something that touches others so much while reading the author’s books. And yes, I found some parallels, but I liked the first part more. 

The storyline was a bit emotional, but the plethora of touches on the subject may not have allowed the author to fully unfold. The book is sensitive and psychologically oppressive, about the painful experiences of different people, though not strangers.

As long as you are alive, the hope is alive too, and if you love – you will forgive.

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