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Long or short series?

Be it anime, TV shows, manga, books or comics… there will always be longer series and shorter ones.

Which one do you prefer more? How many episodes/chapters is long to you?

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    Do you prefer long or short series?

    • Long
    • Short
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    How many episodes/chapters/books is considered “long” for you?

    • More than 10
    • More than 20
    • More than 30
    • More than 40
    • More than 50
    • More than 60
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    Does long series bores you?

    • Yes, I skipped or fast forward through some parts
    • No, I like them anyway
    • Sometimes


What do you think?

Written by alibb


  1. It depends, if it some type of drama, romance, etc., I prefer them to have less episodes/chapters. I think that the stories are more interesting this way, without unnecessary details.
    But if we are talking about comedies, I don’t want them to finish, haha. The more, the better.

    • Hahaha…I have to agree…some genre when dragged can get pretty boring and cliche…
      I love certain type of comedy too, but I haven’t really seen a long comedy

    • I’ve o agree with you and if the show is engaging enough…
      but usually both (me and the drama) can’t stay focus if the series gets too long