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I live in Gatineau, Quebec Canada. It is a fairly large city with some 500,000 inhabitants not counting all the areas and villages and smaller cities surrounding it which are amalgamated with Gatineau. Even though I live in this area, nature still surrounds and even invades it sometimes. I have seen raccoons, hares, a couple of foxes and even one bear with my own eyes.

But there are some visitors that I really like to see and these are deers. The pictures below and above were all TAKEN WITH MY CELLPHONE. All the sightings of these wonderful and graceful visitors are late in the evening or early night. All the photos were taken through my backdoor patio door. The deer’s were walking at a leisurely pace at about 8 or 10 feet away from the patio door.

As you might see, I do not have any neighbours in the back. Rather we have a large field belonging to Hydro Quebec. So these deers somehow manage to cross that field and land in my back lane way. Why, you might wonder? On the left of the lane way, there is an old apple tree which still manages to produce apples. Deers just love a good apple anytime. In late fall, these apples all eventually fall to the ground and the deer just come and eat them up. 

This next picture is from a deer going towards the tree on the left… 

The next picture is of a deer coming back from eating these apples.

Here is another picture of a deer coming back from eating the apples. If I remember well there were about 4 deers that came along that special evening.

So what do you think? Do you have unusual visitors also in your area? I know that Rex and Doc do, but what about other Virilyans. You should share some pictures too. 


What do you think?

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  1. Never saw a deer… You are missing something special. They are such beautiful creatures. I only see them in the fall though when they brave the city life to come and feed on the Apple tree. Thanks for your visit and comment and up vote.

    • I guess it depends where someone resides. As I stated there is a field behind our backyard along with a pond so there is a fairly large enough area for animals to live and or hide. At one point we had ducks knocking at the patio door for some corn or bread… Thanks so much for your visit and comment and up vote.

  2. Wow I love seeing deer. I grew up around a lot of wildlife, we would feed corn to the deer and they would come in the yard every night. Now the cows are gone, but there are a few buffalo around at the neighbors.


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