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The Nimble ~ 365 Photos Challenge #238 & 239

Since yesterday, my wife and I stayed at my wife’s sister’s house. Remember that in the garden behind his house which still leaves blooming flowers often get visits from bees and wasps, so before I went for work this morning I waited for their presence, of course, to take photos.

Sure enough, before long I waited, carpenter bees came looking for food in the flowers of the bride’s tears or coral vine (antigonon). As I thought, it was very difficult to capture the picture because it kept moving. Maybe because the coral vine is very small flowers, then it only takes a split second for the bee to suck the essence of a flower and move to another flower quickly.

Wasps or bee are indeed unique and extraordinary animals. With a large body and small wings, he can fly swiftly and perform difficult maneuvers! For, being able to fly so lightly, the flapping of wasp wings has an incredible speed! Altshuler said (researchers from the US), every single second a bee can pack up to 230 times! A photographer once tried to freeze the wasps’ wings when flying, and was caught at a speed of 1/6000 seconds !!!

It’s difficult to capture it at close range because it’s fast moving. I was lucky, with a little patience, and a lot of blooming flowers for its breakfast, it didn’t leave immediately.


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