The BIG white cat

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Hello Ya’ll hows it going on your side of the fence? Hope everyone has had some good weather, we finally got a a taste of some good weather, but that’s fixing to change BACK into some cold winter days again. I was watching a few nature shows & thought about sharing them with you, if you like the nature documentaries your in for a treat, cause I just happen to have some that you will enjoy watching the BIG white Cat are very rare in the world & if a zoo or wild life preserve don’t protect them there be no more of their kind to admire & go see, I love the black panther the white tigers & lions as well as the cheetah, & the snow leopard, I’ve went to MANY zoos in my time & nothing is MORE admiring than the wild cats, so tell me what wild animal you like to see at a wild life safari or a zoo?

This next video is more about telling a story on how the white line started in Africa & if you have kids this would be the one to share with them cause what kid don’t like wild animal’s to learn about & well that’s the reason I thought this would be a good one for them to watch & learn about.

Now the SNOW leopard is a whole new breed of wild white cats, it’s fastness, it’s ways of life, the Pure fact that it is ONE of peoples most loved cats to have as a house pet, but see these wild animals don’t fare well in captivity as they do in the wild where they were MEANT to thrive, as well as any other wild animal.

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So I hope you enjoyed the videos & I enjoyed sharing them with you Thank you for your time & your thoughts have a great day or evening which ever the case my be, I’m off to watch more nature.


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    • your so right the animals of the wild have what god gave them
      to be what they are to love & protect & live in the wild as a pride
      like the lion & tigers, & animals that live together as a family.

      • For that reason, I often wonder if there are people who because of their nature or attitude then considered like animals, such as wolves, snakes, pigs, etc. They are like that because they are mere creatures with an instinct that suits their kind.