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Siamese cat is a proud divine being….

A Siamese cat is a proud divine being with a graceful bearing, an unusual color and a peculiar, slightly spoiled character. The second name of the breed is Thai: it is Thailand that is considered the birthplace of a cat in the distant past, which was called Siam.

The newborn kittens are born absolutely white, as they grow up, and a characteristic color-point appears. With age, the contrast decreases, older cats and cats are much darker than young animals.

Siamese cats are very inquisitive and with the patience of the owner are well trained in fun tricks. Curiosity manifests itself literally in everything – kids will happily inspect every corner of the house.


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Written by Olga N


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  1. “we are siamese if you please” from the Aristocats! I have always loved this breed, did you know they just found out the color change is due to the coldness the cat coat comes in contact with and not age? So as it comes from the moms sac it is white, as it experiences colder temps the coat changes. Getting darker as the years go by.

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