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See the Deer in the truck bed?

This is another not great picture taken with my phone and still, I keep trying. If you look closely I can see one of the deer managed to make it in the truck bed. We sat and watched for a long time. She was actually kicking hay back for the others, or at least that looked like what she was doing. (It could have been she was digging for dryer hay.)

I am certain my neighbors’ intention was to feed his horses. However, if you leave it out there will be wildlife that will eat it.


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  1. This is a super looking picture much better than the ones I take. I could watch deers for hours along with cats, dogs, horses etc. They are very opportunistic critters aren’t they? It seems that the picture was taken in the countryside. Thank goodness for that. The deers that I see are in the middle of the city where they only come out at night…

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