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Deer Hunter – WIP

While you may not think that Lynch and Lovecraft have overlap, they intersect perfectly in my latest work but if you don’t see how, then you’re not going to get this piece at all. But that’s okay

You could watch his Industrial Symphony if you need a hint…

#1 raw

she doesn't look her best, but at least you can see the totem poles

3 points

#2 homecoming

this is a nice look, but the totem poles need to get resampled

3 points

#3 moskau

she looks okay, but you can't see the totem poles

3 points

#4 silent hill

if this is the technique to use, then the totem poles have to go

3 points

#5 shanghai

this is probably underexposed

3 points

#6 tokyo sunrise

went the other way and tried a bright solution

3 points

What do you think?

15 points


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