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Pitou's Pink Collar and Blue Bell

It’s very seldom that I could take a good shot of Pitou but this afternoon, she was in the mood for some poses. With her new bell attached on a pink collar, she made few poses for me. 

Pretty Side Pose

I managed to capture a side pose of her.

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Confidence Level: Selfie with no Filter.

A more confident Pitou.

That Look

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Ready for another pose

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Written by Sharon Lopez

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  1. Pitou, you are a darling for letting your mommy take your pictures like that. Now you must go along and be a mommy yourself. Sorry, Sharon, I just love talking to pets and animals in general… Say hi to Pitou for me and her little ones…

    • Thank you for the observation Ileana. I will inform my son about it. Actually, I don’t want that kind of stuff hanging around her neck but my son said she looks pretty with it. I also feel that the material is rough as I feel some kind of irritation when she comes and rubs her head against my legs.

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