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Peeking from the Gourd!

Caught this Tree Swallow bird peeking out of the gourd house high up on the pole. Tree Swallows and Purple Martins nest in these gourds perched on a pole about 20 feet in the air. They use feathers most of the time to make their nests and so cool to watch. My neighbor has six gourd feeders on his pole and the birds swarm the gourds.

Purple Martins are in the swallow family. The word “martin” comes from England, where swallows with short, squared or notched tails are traditionally called martins, as opposed to “swallow-tailed” species such as Barn Swallows. Purple Martins are the largest swallows by far, weighting nearly three times as much as Tree Swallows. Thankfully they can all get along and nest in separate gourds. Since these poles are 20 feet high you can see the blue sky perfectly in this photo!


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Written by Carol DM


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