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New Baby to our collection of lizards

This is Godric, the latest addition to our collection of lizards. He is a Bearded Dragon. They are native to Australia where they live in the desert so, if you get one, they have to be kept warm. He will get to be about two feet long including the tail.

We got Godric last week because his previous owner had to move and couldn’t take him with him.

Bearded Dragons make good pets if you put in a little effort. They are omnivorous so you should feed them a mixture of crickets, mealworms or superworms along with a variety of fruits and vegetables. The insects should be dusted with vitamin powder.

Also, every few days, you should allow them to splash around in a sink or bathtub with a little bit water in it. When they are shedding, let them bathe a little more often.

Due to their popularity they are being captive bred. Because of this several color and pattern variations, called morphs, have been developed. Some morphs are available for the same price as the standard version while others are more expensive.

If you are looking for a pet lizard, a Bearded Dragon makes a good choice.

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Written by Gary J Sibio