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Live the cats

Their eyes take dogs, and cats take people. Apparently they consider us useful domestic animals.

This is one of our favorite thoughts about fluffy pets.

If you have a cat at home, if you love cats, sweating in your lap, their ability to always achieve their tender tenderness and delicate cat cheeks, the following quotes are just for you, the connoisseurs of mildly beautiful creatures with wet nose and mustache.

When there is friendship between the dog and the cat, it is nothing but a union against the cook. – Stefan Zweig Even the smallest pussy is perfection. – Leonardo da Vinci

Read them and share which of the most faithful you will find for our dear friends,

The cat does not mind sleeping in your bed. At the end of it. – Jenny de FriezeIf the cat fails to catch the mouse, she pretends to have gone to chase a leaf. – Charlotte GrayThe cat is a small lion who loves mice, hates dogs and protects man. – Oliver HerfordThe cat is a puzzle that can not be ordered. – Hazel Nicholson

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