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Galapagos Islands, Pacific Ocean

The Galapagos Islands are 1,100 kilometres west of Ecuador in South America. There are many species of reptiles, birds and plants which are only found here.

These animals survived on the islands because they were isolated from dangerous animals, disease and people.

The islands are particularly famous for the huge tortoises.They are so heavy that you need six or eight people to lift them. They can live about 100 years and can weigh about 270 kilos.


The islands were once visited many times by sailors, explorers, hunters and fishermen who killed the slow, friendly animals for their meat.Some tortoises were taken off the islands for zoos or private collections.

Some were also killed in forest fires in 1994.

The tortoises are now an endangered species. There are now only about 6,000 left. Now, they and their home are protected.

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