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Errrr… What’s up, doc?

That’s what this guy looks like its saying… Found this fella hanging around upside down one day. Wasn’t easy getting this shot as I’m not particularly fond of creepy crawlies especially huge big ones like this! This guy was about five inches in length and being high up on the curtain rail meant I had to stretch my arms up high to hold the camera up to it. After 10 minutes or so of trying to get the best shot, my hands started shaking… It’s no wonder that once transferred to the computer, I see it staring at me… with its biggg bug eyes!! Shiverss!!


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Written by ac khoo


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  1. lol. I love the title, and of course the cool praying mantis. They now sell them online if you would like to have a pet. hahaha. Go check it out, though just to see them, there are some really cool ones, like the Orchid mantis. A living flower.

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