The Cockapoo Mafia Life… The CPM! This is How We Roll!

We are The CPM (Cockapoo Mafia)… this is our Life!

We are really into yoga. This is me… Tucker… in savasana…

Sometimes  our human  comes… and wants to yoga to! We think its cute… so we let her!

I think sometimes she shows off… not yogic but hey! Her heart is good.

We often like to chill on the front porch and engage in a FAV hobby… barking!

Sometimes the human lady says, “Shhhh, quit blah, blah, blahhing…” We are unsure over what she said due to our barking! She is a hoot that one.

Sometimes we destress and have massages. Self care is very important.

We have to always watch our human lady when she is outside. Keep her in check!

Sometimes she is annoying and takes pics of me in my sleep… she says I snore… #don’tbelieveit!

She is a notorious photo bomber! Oy Vey!!!

We like to step-it-up on Christmas and holidays!!!

Sometimes we give her a little kiss! She’s sweet!

We let her drive us around… I find it ups her coolness game!!! Your welcome!

Sometimes …. this happens…..

Cool right!

She’s cute… so we keep her around!

Thanks for reading our blog…

Sebby #loveyou #lovedogs

Love, Tucker…. come back another time and read the stories of The CPM!!!!