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My Cat Miki Is Sleeping Amongst The Toys…

Miki loved to sleep amongst the toys for extra softness. He loved to get warm as he slept, so his naps were very long and peaceful. He deserved them anyway, being the great hunter he was. Sadly, he went missing about 2 months ago. We do not know what happened to him, nobody knows anything. We miss him dearly.


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Written by Vida Vicky Ficko


  1. Awe, he looks like my old cat Jasper. I hope he shows back up, I once had a cat I was living in San Diego at the time. A friend came to visit in their new rv motorhome. The cat went missing the day they left. The got to Texas and stopped for the night, my cat ran out from under the motor home into the brush, .and they called us to tell us what happened. 5 months later the cat came home, torn paws, two broken legs and pelvis. She had traveled over two thousand miles and made it. We took her to the vet and she was patched up. lived a happy life. Don’t give up hope. Put some old litter out if you have some left and food, water.

  2. He looks so cute! It is very sad that he just disappeared and you don’t know what happened to him 🙁 But just maybe he will turn up again. My wife told me that her cat, when she was a child, disappeared for more than one year, and then one day just reappeared at the door! Let’s hope something like that happens to you 🙂