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You can’t work at the Humane Society…

Without bringing an animal or 6 home… I have introduced Maggie Mae, and Meika. The canine part of the pack, but haven’t yet introduced, my four feline buddies. I’ll start with the oldest first. Her name is Nickel. Like the coin, because she is the color of one. She is part Bengal and part Siamese, and is now 6 years young.

I love her colors. 

She helped raise, Lily, shown below.

Lily was such a cute kitten. Her eyes are amber./yellow, while Nickels are sage.

The have remained best friends.

Lily being silly.

Then we adopted blue from the neighbor. Her parents are Bengal, but she came out all blue.

She turned out to be such a beautiful and regal cat.

She is really an awesome cat.

Lily up close. 

The last one is Trixie. She is a snow shoe Siamese. 1 week old

2 weeks old

She was born into a little of all black kittens. 3 weeks

6 weeks

Last week she turned 3 months.

She is a little fire cracker.

Well that’s is all of “The Pack” Hope you enjoyed the photos.


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    • Hardest job I have ever had. Most people don’t know, that everyone that works in a shelter/ Humane Society, pound. We all cry at least once a week. All of us, from the president down to animal control and kennel techs to dog walkers. Its so hard.

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