An Interview With Luna…

June 2, 2018.  Beverly, Massachusetts.

Our family has been blessed with a remarkably intelligent cat. Last night I had a conversation with her about feminism, history, and Marxist Philosophy. Her insights were amazing. I asked her “Who said that ‘women hold up half the sky?’ Without hesitating, Luna replied “Mao.” As she brushed against my leg purring I followed up with another question. Who wrote that “Imperialists are paper tigers” in his book “Six Essays On Military Affairs”?  Again she responded after rubbing her head on my knee “Mao!” I was so impressed. I tried asking her about “The Great Leap Forward ” but she had gotten into the catnip.

When she returned twenty minutes later I asked her if she’d read the book Peoples War, People’s Army while she was hiding in the cellar. She looked at me startled and said, “Mao?” “No, you stupid cat! That was Vo Nguyen Giap! ” Next time read it instead of sleeping between the boxes of books down there!” I fed her and wen’t back to watching Democracy Now! on the local access channel.  They were discussing globalization. Luna rubbed up against the edge of the sofa. “what do you think about this? I asked her. Luna looked down at the floor and said “Mao”.


What do you think?

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Written by PaulPallazola

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    • I hope so Zaklina. I told her to not be dogmatic…she found the word offensive. I started to talk with her about Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel but she looked away, said “Mew.” and within seconds had returned to calling “Mao! “

  1. Luna, you know I love all cats, but you are truly amazing and obviously multi-lingual. Well, you know that too. But I am confused as to why your human thinks you are speaking Chinese when in fact you are speaking French. Surely he would realize if he listened more closely that you are saying “Moi!” except for when he feeds you and then you say “Mwawww” which is cat for a smooch.

    Paul, you are so fortunate to be this exceptional cat’s human. Thank you for posting a charming photo and a delightful narrative.

  2. Sorry Paul, but this comment is reserved for Luna. Well hello Luna, what a pretty and smart cat you are. Oh you might have gotten one answer wrong but what the hey! At least you provide Paul and his family with a lot of affection, game playing and talking. You are one smart cat just like my Runt or Runty Dumpty as I affectionately call him. I think you would like my little Runt. You can see a picture of him on one of my post (hint!hint!). Again I apologize Paul but I just love talking to animals whether they be cats, dogs, squirrels, birds, Canada geese, hares or rabbits, raccoons etc. (except for snakes and mosquitoes). Say hi to Luna for me…


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