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A story from the state border.

Robin Biznis December3.2012 Belgrade, Serbia

On November 19, 2019, Serbian customs officers seized at the border crossing with Hungary, in cooperation with the police, 2,700 packs of cigarettes, which were hidden in the bus factory hollows.

The credit for this well-done task is the name of a breed of dog German Shepherd named Neron. 

He is specially trained and trained to detect hidden drugs and cigarettes as well as tobacco.

He did the job flawlessly that day.

The German Shepherd Dog is the most common policy and military dog. 

They have a great sense of smell, and with that, they are very determined, focused and durable dogs.Dog Neron proved it that day.

Dogs keep boundaries. finds lost and buried people under ruins, under snowdrifts. 


With its extraordinary senses, the scent unmistakably finds drugs, follows the trail of crime and the like.

They are really a huge help to people.

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  1. Bravo Nero. I bet your handler is really proud of you. Dogs are simply the most versatile animal with their sense of smell (they also detect ketones in diabetics and some types of cancer). They are fantastic for rescue mission etc. But of course, as pets, they are at their best…

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