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Words that Work

This is a short quiz of the words which other people are using in their writing. You may or you may not familiar of these words. Anyway try your best if you could get them. If you know them with ease. If you do so, they would work for you effectively. It will enrich your command of words as an effective writer. Your communication would be great and you are confident to use them when you know them, their meaning and their limitation.

  • beaucoup

    • great lover
    • great amount
    • great accomplishment
  • flocculate

    • vaccinate
    • isolate
    • aggregate
  • agonistic

    • aggressive
    • defensive
    • neutral
  • remuneration

    • premium
    • allowance
    • payment
  • decimate

    • harm
    • disregard
    • care
  • menagerie

    • collections of clothings
    • collections of toys
    • collections of animals
  • jocose

    • veins
    • animal
    • humor
  • slumgullion

    • vegetable
    • meat stew
    • dirty area
  • collaborate

    • Talking together
    • Walking together
    • Working together
  • layman

    • Not a clergy
    • Not a police man
    • Not a mentor

What do you think?

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  1. Got 8 out of ten. Not too shabby. Especially since two of the words (menagerie and beaucoup) are French words with the accent missing on the first e of menagerie. I should know as I am French Canadian first. I realize that menagerie is also used in English but it is the same spelling ( except for the missing accent) in French. BTW interesting quiz…

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