What do you know about Go?

It is an ancient game with a long and noble heritage, but how much do you really know about it? Born in the east, lately it has been taking the west by storm. Black and white stones vie for control of the board, and now you must pit your wits against my Go quiz…

  • The name Go comes from what culture?

    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Thai
  • Chinese call the game…

    • baduk
    • go
    • igo
    • weiqi
  • Koreans call the game…

    • baduk
    • go
    • igo
    • weiqi
  • After you place a stone, you can always move it later

    • True, but only when it is your turn
    • False, the stone remains where it is unless it is captured
  • The game ends when…

    • both players pass
    • there are no moves left for either side
    • there are three ko fights on the board
    • a samurai kills one or both players
    • any of the above, depending on how you play
  • When a stone or group of stones is completely surrounded (no liberties left) what happens?

    • The stone or group is captured
    • The player with surrounded stones forfeits their next turn
    • Somebody was cheating
    • Nobody knows, this never happens
  • What is the term for a stone or group with only one liberty remaining?

    • Hane
    • Seki
    • Joskei
    • Atari
  • The author of this quiz placed third in his division at the 2017 Cotsen Open

    • True
    • False

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