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Can you match these FAMOUS COUPLES? (part 2)

For quiz #2, I am including RANDOM FAMOUS COUPLES. This will include film and TV couples, Kings, Queens, and others who are famous. I will provide the first or last name, but you will have to match the name to the correct answer. Try this fun quiz and test your knowledge at the same time!

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  • Question of

    George W. Bush and _________ Bush

    • Jeanette
    • Laura
    • Sandra
  • Question of

    Winston Churchill and _______ Churchill

    • Clementine
    • Anne
    • Lillian
  • Question of

    Maury Povich and _______ Chung

    • Bonnie
    • Shiela
    • Connie
  • Question of

    Lauren Bacall and ________ Bogart

    • John
    • Humphrey
    • James
  • Question of

    Bill Gates and ________ Gates

    • Belinda
    • Melinda
    • Hillary
  • Question of

    Johnny Depp and ________ Ryder

    • Gina
    • Leslie
    • Winona
  • Question of

    Henry VIII and _______ Boleyn

    • Anne
    • Jane
    • Catherine
  • Question of

    Paul McCartney and ________ McCartney

    • Casandra
    • Linda
    • Sandra


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