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Transport: A Quiz

Here is a quiz with the general theme of Transport – and I do mean “general”!

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    What was the nationality of the man who built the first pedal-propelled bicycle?

    • Dutch
    • Scottish
    • German
    • English
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    What type of fuel is usually used in jet aircraft engines?

    • Gasoline
    • Diesel
    • Hydrazine
    • Kerosene
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    Which city has the world’s oldest metro system (underground railway)?

    • London
    • Moscow
    • New York
    • Berlin
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    Which large animals did Hannibal take with him across the Alps?

    • Camels
    • Bears
    • Elephants
    • Giraffes
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    What did Percy Shaw invent in 1943 that added greatly to road safety?

    • Traffic lights
    • Cat’s eye reflectors
    • Disc brakes
    • Pedestrian crossings
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    Where did Wilbur Wright demonstrate powered flight to the public for the first time (in August 1908)?

    • Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
    • Huffman Prairie, Ohio
    • Le Mans, France
    • Windsor, England
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    What was the name of the first ship to sail around the world?

    • Golden Hind
    • Victoria
    • Pelican
    • Cutty Sark
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    Which two towns were linked by the World’s first commercial railway?

    • Liverpool and Manchester
    • Leicester and Derby
    • Stockton and Darlington
    • Norwich and Ipswich
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    Which of these was the first international airline to launch a service?

    • Aeroflot
    • Pan Am
    • Lufthansa
    • KLM
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    What was the name of Alexander the Great’s favourite horse?

    • Marengo
    • Bucephalus
    • Tencendur
    • Incitatus


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