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They are a piece of jewellery, they contribute to music…all about apples

This quiz is all about apples.  Did not know they have music in them, they could be worn, they are a cause for celebration………….the works. Put on your thinking cap and give these apples a name. I enjoyed working on this as I only knew of golden apples which is what I like to eat  No other apples appeal to me. As usual there will be options.  You need to choose the right name. Good Luck.

  • Question of

    Cute name this one has

    • Granny Smith
    • Goldsmith
    • Green apple
  • Question of

    Why this name – I am confused. May be you know

    • Red Gala
    • Gala
    • Striped Gala
  • Question of

    Never known anyone wearing this

    • Pendant
    • Broach
    • Cameo
  • Question of

    What’s so golden about it?

    • Golden Yellow
    • Golden Delicious
    • Bright Golden
  • Question of

    Never knew apples could be associated with music

    • Jazz
    • Country
    • Rock
  • Question of

    I believe this. Sweet as honey

    • Honey sweet
    • Honey crisp
    • Honey red
  • Question of

    This does deserve this name

    • Red Crisp
    • Red Delicious
    • Red Bright
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    Pink it is. But which one?

    • Cripps Pink
    • Pink Delicious
    • Crisp Pink


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