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Spell it right – What are these people called

This is the second quiz I am coming up with, of course, related to the correct spellings once again. And this time I decided to include those words that describe a person in the good or bad meaning. Let’s set the ball rolling without any help as long as you are playing. The fun starts here…

  • Question of

    A person who tries to avoid hard work

    • Scoblelotcher
    • Scobblelotcher
    • Scobblelotchar
    • Scobblelatcher
  • Question of

    A person who always keeps poking his nose in someone else’s conversation

    • Snoutbond
    • Snautband
    • Snoutband
    • Snoutbound
  • Question of

    A person who generates fun on his own

    • Funster
    • funstar
    • Foonster
    • Funsster
  • Question of

    A person who is trying to discredit you by cheaper methods

    • Backstaber
    • Backstabbar
    • Backstobber
    • Backstabber
  • Question of

    A person who can mislead you

    • Decaitful
    • Deceitful
    • Diceitful
    • Deceitfull
  • Question of

    The term Shakespeare coined for labeling an adulterer

    • Bedswerver
    • Bedswer
    • Beddswerver
    • Badswerver
  • Question of

    A person who shows compassion

    • Compassionat
    • Compassionate
    • Compasionate
    • Compassianate
  • Question of

    A person who can easily win over the affection of other people

    • Kharismatic
    • Carismatic
    • Charismatic
    • Charismotic


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