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This collection of words evolved through times.   Keeping up with the evolution of words is quite a challenge.   So let’s see if you can identify the meaning of the following words.

My reference was the Collins Dictionary.  Have fun and good luck!

  • Question of


    • chubby ankles and lower calves
    • funny name
    • laugh quietly
  • Question of


    • painful contractions of the muscles
    • a type of dance with exaggerated hands and legs movements.
    • beating someone by saying something better
  • Question of


    • remove the internal organs of
    • the parts deep inside something large.
    • remove vowels from a word in a text message or email
  • Question of


    • a group of people who are planning to plan and yet changing the plan through phones
    • a group of people who are planning a meeting but no definite date
    • a group of people who are planning a meeting but no one is attending
  • Question of


    • two kilos of butter
    • very ugly
    • hitting someone
  • Question of


    • going to a bay over and over again
    • to buy something on eBay and immediately put it back up for auction.
    • both answers above are correct
  • Question of


    • the wife or girlfriend of a famous sportsman
    • a funny person
    • both answers are correct
  • Question of

    water hog

    • a selfish person who uses water irresponsibly especially during water shortage
    • a pig/hog living in the water
    • both of the answers are correct
  • Question of


    • not existing word
    • an extinct species believed to be the missing link between lake and land animals
    • a tribe in Africa
  • Question of


    • a person who steals phones from other people in public places
    • a cable used for phones
    • an Apps on the phone


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