Quiz: Record Breaking Animals

As with humans, there are animals that are bigger, faster, stronger than their kin. It can be worthwhile to acknowledge the animals and it can be fun to do it in the form of a quiz. The following is merely a sampling of the record-setting animals there are and have been in the world. Let’s see how well you are in tune with the interesting record-setters, shall we?

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    Pronghorns are North American animals that are commonly called ‘antelope’, though they are actually closer related to giraffes. True or False question: In a race with a cheetah over a five-mile course, the pronghorn would win.

    • True
    • False
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    The moose (Alces alces), commonly called the elk in Europe, is the largest species of deer. There are 9 sub-species and the largest, the Alaskan Moose, commonly weighs 1,000 pounds. The official world record for the largest moose was:

    • 3,900 pounds
    • 1,800 pounds
    • 1,100 pounds
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    The fastest recorded speed for a fish was a black marlin that was caught. It stripped line off the reel to figure out its speed. How fast was the fish swimming?

    • 63 mph
    • 108 mph
    • 82 mph
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    The highest flying bird ever recorded was documented flying at an enormous height of 37,100 feet. That is a height of over 5 miles. What kind of bird was it?

    • Snow Goose
    • Bald Eagle
    • Ruppell’s Vulture
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    In 2008, a group of a certain kind of flying insects were found on Mount Everest at an altitude of 18,400 feet, making them the highest flying insects. What kind of insects were they?

    • Bumblebees
    • Snow moths
    • Mosquitoes
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    This animal can have a healthy body temperature of 93 F in the morning and a healthy evening body temperature of 104 F, all without suffering any problems. This is the greatest variation in body temperature in a day for any warm-blooded animal without causing bodily damage. What kind of animal is it?

    • Sidewinder Rattlesnake
    • Mexican Jackrabbit
    • Camel
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    This mammal was recorded diving in the ocean to a depth of 9,816 feet, making it the deepest diving mammal in the world. What kind of animal is it?

    • Spotted Seal
    • Cuvier’s Beaked Whale
    • Great White Shark
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    This bird holds the record for the longest twice-yearly migration for any bird, at approximately 8,700 miles. What kind of bird is it?

    • Anna’s Hummingbird
    • Arctic Tern
    • Tree Swallow
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    With bodies that are less than 4/100ths of an inch long, smaller than the head of a pin, these insects hold the record for being the smallest insects in the world.

    • fairyflies
    • fruit flies
    • midges
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    The lightest mammal in the world weighs less than 3 grams (one tenth of an ounce). It is also the second smallest mammal in size. What is it?

    • Etruscan shrew
    • Ghost hummingbird
    • Western miniature mouse


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Written by Rex Trulove

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    • Thank you! I agree. Looking at the smallest creature, then at the largest, the contrast is almost staggering. That is only one instance. It was all put together in an amazing way that people can’t begin to grasp, much less replicate in any degree.

    • That is a pretty good score! The bumblebees are surprising, aren’t they? After they were found, they did tests on bumblebees and found that they are able to survive and still fly as high as 30,000 feet! None have been found at that altitude, though.

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