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Quiz about history 19th century – version 2

Every revolution or war makes some changes. Sometimes they are good and sometimes bad. In the 19th century, a lot of them happened, and traces of the individual are still visible today because some border issues, divisions, systems date back to the 19th century. The wars of the 19th century were torn apart by many states, and some united. Good luck in the second quiz of the 19th century.

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    Who was at the helm of the Second French Empire?

    • Napoleon III.
    • Napoleon IV.
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    When is Italy finally united?

    • 1865.
    • 1870.
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    Which country in Europe was the leader in the period of the 2nd Industrial Revolution?

    • United Kingdom
    • Germany
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    Which Germans did not have to defeat to unite?

    • French
    • Pruses
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    In what state was the decabrista rebellion?

    • Russia
    • Italy
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    In what conflict did the secenist movement emerge?

    • Boxer uprising
    • American Civil War
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    What state has been forced to open its ports to opium wars?

    • China
    • India
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    When did Crimean War start?

    • 1858.
    • 1853.


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