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    There was heavy rain. Who will not get wet?

    • Who has an umbrella
    • The one who has no hair
    • The one who is dry
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    In what dish we serve soup?

    • for soup
    • in empty
    • as we have
  • Question of

    Which is the top of the car?

    • ceiling
    • Air
    • The paint
  • Question of

    Why did Napoleon ride a white horse?

    • White is its favorite color
    • Not to walk on foot
    • This is his favorite horse
  • Question of

    Who can speak in all languages?

    • Echo
    • Who knows them
    • Translator
  • Question of

    Which animal is most afraid of the lion?

    • From the rabbit
    • From the lioness
    • From the rooster
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    What does the donkey do when he is in the sun?

    • Shadow
    • He enjoys the warmth
    • Makes a sunny tan
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    How will an elephant descend from the tree?

    • With legs
    • The way he got up
    • Getting out of the tree
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    Why did Napoleon wear yellow tyrants?

    • To keep his pants off
    • To see his soldiers remotely
    • Because yellow is his favorite color
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    Can five people stay under one umbrella without getting wet?

    • Depending on the size of the umbrella
    • They can if it does not rain
    • It depends on the pounds of people


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