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How Much Do You Know About Biology?

Biology is a life science: it is the study of all living things, that is animals, plants, humans and other species which don’t fall neatly into those categories. Most people have a basic knowledge of this science from learning about it at school, but it is a vast subject, with numerous different branches. How much do you know about it? Do this fun quiz to find out!

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    How many pairs of chromosomes do humans have?

    • 46
    • 42
    • 48
    • 52
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    What is a chromosome?

    • A double DNA molecule without genes
    • A single DNA molecule with individual genes along its length
    • Another name for a gene
    • A type of alien DNA
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    What is a codon?

    • A type of small fish, related to the codes
    • The outer part of the nucleus of a cell
    • A section of genetic material along a chromosome
    • A barrier method of contraception
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    What is the definition of a species?

    • A category of animal
    • A category of mammal
    • A type of race/ethnic group
    • A population or group of populations of similar organisms which can interbreed
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    Where are the islets of Langerhans situated?

    • In the kidneys
    • In the liver
    • In the pancreas
    • In the Atlantic Ocean
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    Which one of the following is NOT a function of the liver?

    • Storage of vitamins
    • Cholesterol formation
    • Control of blood glucose levels
    • Giving varicose veins to middle-aged women
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    How many vertebrae are in the human spine?

    • 13
    • 33
    • 30
    • 42
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    Why do male peacocks display their tail feathers?

    • As a courtship ritual, to attract a mate
    • As defensive behaviour, when threatened
    • So they will get a lot of views and likes on social media
    • To help shade their heads from the sun
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    How much does the human brain weigh?

    • Around 2 kg
    • Around 1.5 kg
    • Around 2.5 kg
    • Around 60 tonnes


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