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How Many of These Trivia Questions Can You Guess? PART 13

Virily’s longest running series quiz is back again to challenge your brains to answer these new set of trivia and general knowledge questions.

Get some jump start now on your neurons and get ready to accept this challenge.

make sure you get 6 or above for a passing score.

Good luck and don’t forget to share your result.

  • Question of

    Who is known as the patron saint of lovers?

    • St. Cupid
    • St. Casanova
    • St. Valentine
    • St. Peter
  • Question of

    Brian May is a guitarist of which famous band?

    • The Police
    • Rolling Stones
    • Eagles
    • Queen
  • Question of

    In 2009, KFC started selling the “Double Down”, a shockingly unhealthy burger in which the bun was replaced with what?

    • Pizza slices
    • Fried chicken fillets
    • English muffins
    • Italian bacon
  • Question of

    In 2015, thousands of refugees flooded into Europe, fleeing the civil war in which Middle East country?

    • Lebanon
    • Yemen
    • Iraq
    • Syria
  • Question of

    The famous statue of Venus de Milo located in the Louvre in Paris, France is missing which part(s) of her body?

    • her nose
    • her arms
    • her legs
    • her genital
  • Question of

    Which alcoholic drink is made from juniper berries?

    • vodka
    • tequila
    • brandy
    • gin
  • Question of

    Bill Gates has been assessed as the world’s richest man since 2014, but which magazine compiles and publishes the list?

    • Forbes
    • Esquire
    • Time
    • People
  • Question of

    The taxonomical order Lepidoptera contains what type of creatures?

    • spiders
    • beetles
    • butterflies
    • ants
  • Question of

    In which year was the Berlin Wall built?

    • 1962
    • 1963
    • 1960
    • 1961
  • Question of

    Which member of the royal family was killed in a car crash in Paris in 1997?

    • Princess Diana
    • Prince Charles
    • Queen Elizabeth
    • Queen Mary


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Written by Trafalgar Law