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How Many of These Trivia Questions Can You Guess? PART 11

After we have celebrated the 10th part of my series quiz, where I provided additional 5 questions to make it 15 from 10, we’re back to reality now.

So, speaking of reality, I will now provide 10 trivia questions as we are back to normal set of questionnaires.

Make sure you get 6 as the passing score.

Try your luck now, play this quiz, and share your result.

Good luck!

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    The idea for a book of records begins in the early 1950s when a managing director of the Guinness Brewery named Sir Hugh Beaver attends a shooting party and was asked what was the fastest game bird in Europe and was failed to answer in any reference book. Thus, the Book of Guinness World Records was created with the help of the twins : Norris and Ross McWhirter. What was the bird that they pertaining to?

    • albatross
    • pigeon
    • peregrine falcon
    • golden plover
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    What is considered the largest constellation in the sky?

    • Hydra
    • Cassiopeia
    • Andromeda
    • Canis Major
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    What famous singer has a real name of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?

    • Pink
    • Rihanna
    • Madonna
    • Lady Gaga
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    Who was this famous international action star born very poor and whose dad was a spy and his mom was an opium dealer?

    • Jackie Chan
    • Dwayne Johnson
    • Arnold Schwarzenegger
    • Donnie Yen
  • Question of

    What is the only part in the human body within an organ does not contain blood?

    • appendix
    • duodenum
    • islets of Langerhans
    • cornea
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    Based on recent survey, where can you find the world’s largest mall with 6.46 million square feet leasable area, and is also dubbed as the largest ghost mall since 99% of its space were unoccupied?

    • Philippines
    • China
    • Thailand
    • Canada
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    Gadsby is a novel written by Ernest Vincent Wright that contains over 50,000 words. What makes this book special is that there is this letter in the English alphabet that is not entirely seen on this 50-thousand word book. What letter is it?

    • O
    • E
    • A
    • U
  • Question of

    What breed of dog was Snoopy?

    • spaniel
    • basset hound
    • beagle
    • rottweiler
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    What is the only Portuguese-speaking country in South America?

    • Argentina
    • Chile
    • Brazil
    • Colombia
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    Which of the following is not a Filipino food?

    • balut
    • halo-halo
    • adobo
    • bibimbap


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Written by Trafalgar Law