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Why Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude?

Do you know that having an attitude of gratitude has measurable benefits for your health? Even if you do know that, do you know what they are and how they can affect your life?

Understanding what they are puts you in a position to make personal applications for practicing gratefulness. Thankfulness increases positivity in your life, multiplying its benefits as you exercise the applications.

Take the quiz below to begin expanding your knowledge base on the topic of gratefulness. If you find that you are glad you learned more about this important topic let us know in the comments below.

  • Why is it important to develop an attitude of gratitude?

    • Positive thinking and activities increase your overall wellbeing.
    • Positive thinking and activities tell you more about yourself.
    • Positive thinking and activities help you feel significant.
  • Why does having a grateful attitude help you sleep better?

    • Thankful attitudes work like a tranquilizer.
    • Thankful viewpoints replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
    • Thankfulness brings childhood memories to mind.
  • Why does maintaining a grateful attitude enhance health?

    • An attitude of gratitude helps you talk to your doctor.
    • An attitude of gratitude means you are likely to live a healthy lifestyle.
    • An attitude of gratitude helps you overcome hereditary disorders.
  • Which of the following sums up the quality of gratitude?

    • Gratitude is resignation to everything that happens.
    • Gratitude is accepting everyone no matter what they say or do.
    • Gratitude is an appreciation for life.
  • What can you do to increase your gratitude quotient?

    • Review good things that happen before going to bed at night.
    • Try to think of solutions to problems you face the next day.
    • Set goals you want to accomplish the next day.
  • What hormone is released when you practice gratitude?

    • Melatonin
    • Dopamine
    • Both of the above.
  • How does living gratefully help you restore from stresses?

    • Studies have proven that gratefulness increases your oxytocin.
    • Research proves that gratefulness makes you feel important.
    • Scientists say that being grateful is almost as helpful as prescription medication.
  • How does living gratefully create personal relationships with others?

    • Displaying gratitude causes people to want to be like you.
    • Displaying gratitude makes people feel indebted to you.
    • Displaying gratitude attracts people to you.
  • How does living gratefully increase business/work relationships?

    • Displaying gratitude leads to coworkers to want to be like you.
    • Displaying gratitude often opens up new opportunities in the workplace for you.
    • Displaying gratitude keeps coworkers from being jealous of you.
  • Who needs to work at maintaining an attitude of gratitude?

    • Those who are ungrateful.
    • Any who have questions about how grateful they are.
    • Everyone

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