Self understatement

What I cannot tolerate in myself or in others is self understatement.

Sometimes I also step into the role of victim: to have compassion for myself, to remind myself that I come from a small town, a small country, that maybe there is someone more worthy than I am, someone much better, more intelligent, and different.

We are all born with equal rights to happiness, life, joy, respect, appreciation. And most of us are fortunate to be born in countries, where we are all entitled to free education and are protected by democracy. No one can hurt, despise, terrorize, or repeat every day that you are worth less than others. Including yourself.

Mind is a powerful weapon. Our brains, when used properly, can do amazing things. And I’m not just talking about space travel, I’m talking about self-love, self-forgiveness, self-tolerance, self-respect – all that, not a self-understatement we have to practice everyday. 

And we must finally throw away that nasty habit of comparing ourselves to others.

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