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What you know about Drone’s? Take my quiz

Drone’s are becoming very popular now! People use them for helping build things. Got up and take pictures to see what needs improvement or what needs to be done. Did you know Fox 31 uses a drone? Yes to just get cool shots or view Live footage. Drone’s are also used for emergency citations. Help find missing persons or find where plane crashes are. They can go into small places but you gotta becareful thought. You have to have a special commercial license called the Part 107. But if you don’t have that and just fly for fun then this quiz should be fun.

  • What DJI Phantom 3 is in photo?

    • DJI Phantom 3 Pro
    • DJI Phantom 3 Advance
    • DJI Phantom 3 standard
  • What’s the maximum flight distance you can go?

    • 200 feet
    • 500 feet
    • 400 feet
  • Adding a boost how much more distance can you get?

    • Depends on the booster can give you more if you point at it
    • Depends on booster if you point away from it
    • Depends on boost if you are Flying far away point right at where Drone is and look at you screen is it red or green
    • Depends on boost do you make your own judgement
  • Can you fly phantom 3 off smartphone?

    • Yes gotta get the DJI go app
    • No way only fly in eye site
    • Yes but in eye site only
    • Yes and no because you gotta keep in eye site at all times
  • Flying commerical what license you need?

    • Don’t need one just becareful
    • FAA registration number you sign up for
    • Part 107
    • DL number
  • Can you fly off your smartphone?

    • No should always fly in eye site
    • Yes if you have DJI go app
    • Only fly in eye site
  • Taking pictures where can you switch from videos to pictures?

    • On your smartphone DJI go app
    • In your smartphone settings
    • On your smartphone there’s a switch video to pictures
  • When you go out of range what you do?

    • Panic
    • Find where you are on Google maps
    • Nothing it will go back home by itself
    • Find the go home button
  • When landing your Drone what’s the safe way to land?

    • Hit land on smartphone DJI go app
    • Just Land it by the down stick on remote
    • Just go and try to caught it
    • Hit landing on DJI go and make sure it comes down and hit down stick

What do you think?

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