How to make your own hashtag for Facebook

Hello everyone! Boy I am glad I found this one. Ever wanted to know where a hashtag took you? You see all these # everywhere people use them a lot. Well in this video I will show you something that I did just out of the blue I tested a hashtag and seen where it took me. Be surprised where some would take you but I made my own and it takes you to where I want to take you like this hashtag #Dubzanator. Just something I tested and wanted to share hope you enjoy and if you like the hashtag #Dubzanator please go to my channel on YouTube it’s David Wilbur Jr in Google or if you go to YouTube just type in Dubzanator and boom!! Still trying to reach my goal of 1000 Subscribers. Still got a ways to go but one day I will get there. Thank you to all my followers #Virily your the best!!!!



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