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Do you know these different styles of yoga?

Yoga comes in all shapes and sizes, from fast paced, flowing classes to gentle, restorative sessions. Some can be traced back to as long ago as 3,000 BCE while other forms were established up to as recently as the 1950’s. The question is, can you tell your Iyengar from your Ashtanga, your Yin from your Nidra, your Hatha from your Vinyasa?

Give this quiz a go and see how you get on. Don’t forget to share your results and upvote if you like it!

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    What style of yoga traditionally means any physical practice of the postures?

    • Hatha
    • Vinyasa
    • Sivananda
    • Kundalini
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    What is Vinyasa yoga?

    • Yoga practiced with the use of props to aid the pose
    • A gentle, restorative style class
    • A changing series of poses practiced in time with the breath
    • A solely meditation based class
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    Which style of yoga, famous to Mysore, is practiced using a set series of postures, in a specific order?

    • Iyengar Yoga
    • Ashtanga Yoga
    • Yoga Nidra
    • Sivananda Yoga
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    What is different about the copyrighted series of postures known as Bikram Yoga?

    • It is always practiced outside
    • It is practiced at 40°C and 40% humidity
    • It is only practiced at dawn
    • Only men can take part in this practice
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    Which style of yoga is known as yogic sleep and is practiced in the reclined savasana (corpse pose)?

    • Yin Yoga
    • Anusara Yoga
    • Kripalu Yoga
    • Yoga Nidra
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    What do we use in Iyengar Yoga to help align our poses more perfectly?

    • The students wear shoes
    • You balance a book on your head
    • We use blocks, foam pads and belts
    • Teachers use a whip 😉
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    In which of these styles do you hold poses for 3-5 minutes to target deeper layers of connective tissue and muscles?

    • Kundalini Yoga
    • Yin Yoga
    • Anusara Yoga
    • Sivananda Yoga
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    What is the aim of Kundalini Yoga?

    • To do a handstand
    • To levitate
    • To sleep well at night
    • To awaken the energies at the base of our spine


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