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I love fun. Fun is when you enjoy. That is why I enjoy quizzes. We need some fun out of life. Life is too short to be used on seriousness. We have to smile too. Here is a chance.

This quiz is just for fun. There may be facts but it is merely go enjoyment.

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    What lies in the middle of FAIRYLAND?

    • Wand
    • Fairy
    • Land
    • Y
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    A cat has how many vocal chords?

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
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    What will happen if you hold an egg end to end in the palms of your two hands with interlocked fingers, and press hard?

    • The egg will be intact
    • Your hands will be numb
    • The egg will break
    • The hands will disintegrate
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    What should you do if a certain spell makes you forget the way back to your home?

    • Go sleep in a lodge
    • Curse your forgetfulness
    • Ask for the way
    • Turn your clothes inside out
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    How do you make the person you are dreaming about dream of you?

    • Wake up and keep vigil
    • Wake up and sleep in another room
    • Turn the beddings inside out
    • Call upon them
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    What will happen if you put cold water in a hard polithene on hot ambers of fire

    • The polythene will not burn
    • The polythene will burn
    • Nothing will happen
    • Water will turn to oil
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    What will a person digging a deep well do to maintain oxygen in the deep?

    • Enter with a banana tree
    • Avoid breathing
    • Get out often to breath
    • Drain any little water from the well
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    Which among the four has healing powers?

    • Love freeness
    • Hope freeness
    • Plenty of hate
    • Stress freeness


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