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English Football Quiz.

Premier League is one of the many elite football leagues in the world and I have been following it since I was a kid. So, here’s a quiz on English football as a whole- a little challenge if you think you really know it well. I hope you will enjoy it.

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    When was Arsene Wenger appointed as the new Arsenal FC manager?

    • October 1997
    • November 1996
    • October 1996
    • June 1996
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    Who was the first manager to win the English Premier league?

    • George Graham
    • Sir Alex Ferguson
    • Arsene Wenger
    • Roy Hodgson
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    Who is the owner of Queens Park Rangers?

    • Stan Kroenke
    • Mike Ashley
    • Roman abramovich
    • Lakshmi Mittal
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    When was the last time a EPL side won UEFA Champions League?

    • 2009
    • 2012
    • 2013
    • 2010
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    When was the last time Liverpool won the league title?

    • 1978-79
    • 1989-90
    • 1985-86
    • 1998-99
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    Sir Alex Ferguson’s son manages which team?

    • Leeds United
    • Derby County
    • Bristol Rovers
    • Doncaster Rovers
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    How much did Arsenal bid for Suarez as to lure him to the club?

    • Pounds 70m
    • Pounds 40m
    • Pounds 40m and 1 pound
    • Pounds 50m and 1 pound
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    Which of these players did not make a controversial switch of teams during the transfer market?

    • Carlos Tevez
    • Robin Van Persie
    • Sol Campbell
    • Rooney
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    Which of these goalkeepers holds the record for maximum Premier League clean sheets?

    • Pepe Reina
    • David Seaman
    • Petr Cech
    • Edwin Van der sar
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    Which of the following pair of teams are not each others fierce rivals?

    • Arsenal – Tottenham
    • Derby County – Nottingham Forest
    • Newcastle United – Sunderland
    • Burnley – Stoke City


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