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How to deal with failure? glad you asked…

I am afraid, I didn’t do a very good job at dealing with failure at first but I came across an ingenious idea, which...

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What is wrong with feminism?

The problem with feminism in India is similar to the problems with feminism across the globe. When feminists are calling to bring about equality...

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Top 10 books for every intellectual!

I will only be recommending from what I have read so far, obviously- but then again I read a lot, so there was good...

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Why can’t there be a Harvard in India?

Whenever there is a problem, no matter what the problem - try to find the root cause of it. You cannot build a Harvard...

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Is it better to be obsessed with one passion or to be obsessed with several passions?

A year back when I was still on Instagram, I used to follow an entrepreneur named ‘Gary Vaynerchuk’. I sent him a message asking...

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