Easy Greek Mythology Quiz

Here is a fun and easy Greek Mythology quiz!

Test your knowledge on the Gods and Goddesses, heroes and myths of ancient Greek mythology.


  • Who was the leader of the Argonauts?

    • Pelias
    • Jason
  • Who inspired the arts, literature, and science?

    • The Muses
    • The Fates
  • Who killed Medusa?

    • Perseus
    • Theseus
  • Which is an Olympian Goddess?

    • Andromeda
    • Hestia
  • Where was the Golden Fleece located?

    • Athens
    • Colchis
  • Which one was a Titan?

    • Atlas
    • Hermes
  • Who was Zeus’s wife?

    • Athena
    • Hera
  • Who gave Man fire?

    • Prometheus
    • Hades

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