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Earth is the Only Planet with Trees

Have you ever thought:  “Sure!  I’d be happy to move to another planet.  As long as there are trees!”  All this talk about building a colony on Mars is just that.  It’s talk.  Earth is the only planet with trees. I say that if there were aliens, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the reason they would want to invade earth is because we have trees!  ~  “People who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world that will not sustain people.”  – Bryce Nelson  ~ Do you love trees? Of course, you do! How much do you know about trees? Let’s find out.

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    When many people picture these trees swaying in the breeze, they also imagine being on a tropical island. However, the Arabs, aka the “desert people”, say that “The ______ has 360 uses”. Island? Desert? Most of these trees grow in tropical climates, but there are some that are native to desert areas.

    • Desert Willow
    • Palm tree
    • Joshua tree
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    In ancient times, a branch from this tree served as the symbol of peace and victory, success, or celebration.

    • Honey Locust
    • Palm tree
    • Goldrenrain tree
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    The unscientific name for this lovely ornamental tree grown mainly for shade is “tree of heaven”. What is the scientific name?

    • Malus sylvestris
    • Salix babylonica
    • Ailanthus altissima
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    This tree is mentioned in the Bible and can thrive and flourish in a barren desert. That’s why it’s called “tree of life”.

    • Bamboo tree
    • Olive tree
    • Acacia tree
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    This tree is the national tree of Madagascar and it has also been called the “tree of life”. This tree can endure harsh drought conditions because it can store as much as 30,000 gallons of water.

    • Coconut tree
    • Redwood tree
    • Baobab tree
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    These trees can be either a low-lying shrub or a tall tree. They grow in Israel. But people have had success growing them in California.

    • Fig trees
    • Date Palm trees
    • Pomegranate trees
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    Certain trees have a symbolic meaning for certain civilizations. This tree is a symbol for “spiritual healing”. In fact, in ancient civilizations, it was precious and highly prized because of its healing qualities.

    • Balsam tree
    • Baobab tree
    • Banyan tree
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    At one time in history, these trees were famous. However, by the sixth century A.D., most of the beautiful groves had been destroyed, having been chopped down and used for constructing buildings and other comforts of mankind.

    • Cypress Trees of Jordan
    • Mesquite Trees of Bahrain
    • Cedars of Lebanon
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    This tree produces an aromatic resinous gum for medicinal purposes. The Queen of Sheba brought this precious medicine as a gift for King Solomon.

    • Eucalyptus tree
    • Balsam tree
    • Amaranth Sapling
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    This tree yields edible high protein nuts. Additionally, oil can be extracted from the nut as food flavoring and also for medicinal use or as a lubricant. The nut is recommended as a flour substitute for diabetics.

    • Pecan tree
    • Almond tree
    • Mango tree
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    In the United States, the entire month of October is set aside to celebrate harvesting the fruit from this tree. October is National _____ Month.

    • Peach
    • Apple
    • Cherrt


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