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How Can You Relate To Biblical Quiz?

The bible seems to be equipped with many virtues that make life. Most of us have come into contact with it while others have not. Can you answer these trivial questions from this book? Give it a try.

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    Who is the first ever man ever recorded in the bible to have been put in a coffin when he died?

    • Abraham
    • Jacob
    • Joseph
    • Adam
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    Who is the oldest man known to have lived the earth according to the bible?

    • Methuselah
    • Noah
    • Abraham
    • Terrah
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    Why does the devil not attack the message but attacks the messenger?

    • The message is hard to attack
    • To disqualify the messenger from ministry
    • There is no devil
    • The messenger is evil
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    Which biblical word means ‘son of the covenant’?

    • Men’s men’s tekel
    • El Shaddai
    • Bar mitzvah
    • Eloi
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    Who prepared the way for Jesus Christ?

    • Adam
    • John The Baptist
    • Simon of Ceyrene
    • Mary Magdalene
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    Which book of the bible has more than 100 hymns?

    • Psalms
    • Jeremiah
    • Chronicles
    • Job
  • Question of

    Who shaved Samson?

    • Delilah
    • The Phillistines
    • God
    • A person called by Delilah
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    Which prophet had double portion of power?

    • Elijah
    • Isaiah
    • Ezekiel
    • Elisha
  • Question of

    Where did Jesus first appear after resurrection?

    • On the road to Emmaus
    • To Mary Magdalene
    • To the disciples in a room with closed doors
    • To Thomas
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    Namaan was to bathe seven times in which river?

    • Euphrates
    • Jordan
    • Nile
    • Red sea


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