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British History: a quiz

This quiz covers some general aspects of the history of Great Britain and its constituent countries. Why not have a go and surprise yourself – one way or the other!

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    Where did King John sign Magna Carta?

    • In Hampton Court Palace
    • In a meadow next to the River Thames
    • On the Isle of Wight
    • At the Tower of London
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    Which of these was NOT a battle fought during the English Civil War?

    • Marston Moor
    • Edgehill
    • Newbury
    • Sedgemoor
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    What was Peterloo?

    • A celebration of the Battle of Waterloo, held regularly in Petersfield, Hampshire
    • A massacre in 1819, at St Peter’s Field, Manchester
    • A nickname given to a famous 19th century Member of Parliament
    • A controversy in 1932 over building a toilet block at St Peter’s Church, Rotherham
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    Which of these battles did NOT take place in Scotland?

    • Bannockburn
    • Falkirk
    • The Boyne
    • Killiecrankie
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    What was the main claim to fame of William Wilberforce?

    • Ending the Slave Trade
    • Reforming prison conditions
    • Making education compulsory from the age of 10
    • Ensuring safe working in cotton mills
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    Ceredigion and Gwent were former kingdoms in which part of what is now Great Britain?

    • Scotland
    • Wales
    • East Anglia
    • Cornwall
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    Which of these is the name of an actual war fought by Great Britain?

    • The War of Evans’ Foot
    • The War of Smith’s Hand
    • The War of Burton’s Eye
    • The War of Jenkins’ Ear
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    Who governed most of England for the first four centuries of the Christian era?

    • The Danes
    • The Greeks
    • The Romans
    • The Saxons
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    In which modern county was the Battle of Hastings fought in 1066?

    • Surrey
    • East Sussex
    • Kent
    • Dorset
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    Blenheim Palace was built in order to reward which British war hero?

    • The Duke of Wellington
    • John Churchill
    • Winston Churchill
    • Robert Clive


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