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Big News At The Time: a quiz

These events were all front page news when they happened but have now faded from the memory or become part of history. Maybe the suggested alternatives given here will jog your memory or recall a history lesson!

  • Who was found dead in a bungalow near Hollywood on 5th August 1962?

    • Elvis Presley
    • Sharon Tate
    • Marilyn Monroe
    • Jayne Mansfield
  • Which nuclear accident took place in April 1986?

    • Chernobyl
    • Three Mile Island
    • Fukushima
    • Sellafield
  • Where were four men, equipped with electronic surveillance devices, arrested in June 1972?

    • The Elysee Palace, Paris
    • The Houses of Parliament, London
    • The Kremlin, Moscow
    • The Watergate Building, Washington DC
  • Sporting history was made at Iffley Road, Oxford, UK, on 6th May 1954. What was it?

    • Both boats sank during the Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race
    • The first sub-four minute mile was run
    • A British boxer became world heavyweight champion for the first time
    • The first international cricket match was played between England and India
  • What famous structure was torn down in 1989?

    • The Berlin Wall
    • Hadrian`s Wall
    • The Great Wall of China
    • Offa’s Dyke
  • The Bay of Pigs was the centre of world attention in 1961. Where is it?

    • Jamaica
    • Haiti
    • Cuba
    • Canada
  • Who, meeting for their annual conference, were the targets of a terrorist bomb at the Grand Hotel, Brighton, UK, in 1984?

    • Labour Party members
    • Liberal Party members
    • Trades Union Congress members
    • Conservative Party members
  • What was the name of the book by Salman Rushdie, published in 1988, that led to him being forced into hiding following international death threats?

    • Midnight’s Children
    • The Satanic Verses
    • Shame
    • Fury
  • In what year did Alaska and Hawaii become the 49th and 50th states of the Union?

    • 1939
    • 1949
    • 1959
    • 1969
  • Where is the prison in which Nelson Mandela was held between 1964 and 1982?

    • Robben Island
    • Wrenn Island
    • Gull Island
    • Penguin Island

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